American Cancer Society: Applying Disruptive Technology for the Nonprofit Sector

Monday, 12 March 2007 @ 1130

Randal Moss, Mgr of Innovation Based Strategies, American Cancer Society
Erin Anderson, eCommunity Mgr, American Cancer Society
Keith Morris, Electric Sheep Company
David Neff, Director of Online Communications, American Cancer Society

As a steward of voluteer-raised money, the ACS must be extra careful when investing money into the next big thing/tech on the internet.

They use as their web glossary.
They use Flickr to post photos from all kinds of events (e.g., tag:relayforlife). Along with a CC license they use those for promotion.
Blogs are used to create very small communities (e.g., a group of 5 people using TypePad to create a blog to quite smoking). – an idea from Google Labs

They use Drupal ( because of the vibrant community surrounding it.
Lots of people know PHP and can help maintain/augment the code.

Second Life Relay for Life – all I can say is wow.