Get Unstuck: Moving From 1.0 to 2.0

Monday, 12 March 2007 @ 1000

Liz Danzico, Director, experience strategy,   Daylife
Kristian Bengtsson, Creative Dir,   FutureLab
Chris Messina, Co-founder,   Citizen Agency
Luke Wroblewski, Principal Designer,   Yahoo! (
Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder,   Happy Cog

[This was one of the best panels I have been to, yet. Kudos to its organization and the preparedness of the panel members.]

“Stuck” is relative. A team might be stuck, but the focus of their work may have people moving through it. This panel will focus upon the stuck feeling of the team environment only.

Puts all your ideas out there and people may get it.

Try to hear what people are actually saying when they make requests, specs, requirements, etc.

“It’s better to be a flamboyant faliure then a mediocho success” Malcolm McClarran [check]

Put your ideas out there so that you 1) think it through and 2) others see you justification and ideas (e.g., your supervisor). This gives you control of the memes.
If you put it out there early then you get maximum benefit of people’s feedback. They get the maximum opportunities to see into your blind spots.
Like the Republicans, if you articulate a goal in simple terms it brings the story to other people.
Writing the ideas is the personal process that hones the ideas into the soundbites that catch on with the people you need to buy in to your ideas.

Design can be a problem solving process without calling it design.

SMALL groups who have good communication and are in touch with larger whole.

list specific user needs that are backed up and this will keep the business needs from overriding them.

Constrained resources often forces beneficial selection – better, more focused, simplified design.

Zeldman: “I wrote Designing with Web Standards for your boss…”

[research] Apple’s foray into their initial Apple Stores that failed because they were based upon their product lines rather than lifestyles.