TV: The Next Generation

Saturday, March 10th @ 3:30 pm

Tom Merritt   Editor,
Jay Adelson   CEO,   Revision3 Corporation
Nicole Carrico   Dir Creative Dev,   AOL
Patrick Norton   Exec Producer,   Ziff Davis Media
Greg Brannan   VP of Programming,   CNET 

How can web video compete w/Hollywood?
Indy video
Can’t really tell where TV is going, really have to chase what producing for – big TV system or netvideo computer. They haven’t really come together in a meaningful way yet.

Hollywood flocks to whatever they’re going to make the most money on – starting to shift now that ads are coming to web video. Still slow, but starting to trickle in.

Figure out who the audience is and target to that audience w/web content – tech video for geeks has been a good starting position because it’s the geeks who are starting to do this.

AOL is trying to get into the niche – audience is not a problem for them. how do we get that video out to that audience is what AOL can do w/partnerships. Going out to find stars out there and get partnerships started.

How to get into it?
Do what you want and get popular as a semi-professional, wish that doing the 2nd thing was your real job. Rev3 finds that content and brings it in to make that primary job possible (kevin rose)

Low-cost producers can partner but it’s tough when there are things (mortgage and kids) getting in the way – risky.

Will big brands take over the space?
Youtube can get you noticed, Viacomm is already known so removing their vidoes from youtube isn’t a big deal. Youtube is more important in this sense for the unknowns. If it doesn’t work out for Viacomm on their own, they’ll be back to Youtube.

Ultimately the viewer has the choice. Rev3 doesn’t care about the platform – now traditional tv are coming to do deals for content.

Best way to get it out (youtube/podcast/own site). If content resonates the viewers are willingn to come back – if your stuff is good – will come back to see what you are doing. Content producers will HAVE to let go of thir death grip on their content.

Medium informs and connects people – all competing for eyeballs how to make money at this?
It used to be a proven formula would determine if something made it on. If it fit the form, it made it to TV.
Now there is proof (not just nielson ratings) that viewers are there – advirtisers will finally pay for it (tech content)

Can web video meet TV’s #’s?
Cable audiences also have low #’s hwo do you monetize this content and #’s? podtrack, federated media.
Smaller content need to start w/federated media or wait and see who comes to you – can’t get the big names because they don’t go for this model

Direct marketing model – code enter for website. “will share 5%” adazio tea (digg) major $$

AOL looks at more meaningful big name ads – on-air component needed – franchises such as AmEx gateway for ads or gateway to content

Online advirtisers are used to click through or banner ads – TV ads are used w/Nielson
Ad agencies just starting to do on-air ads (50’s Ed Sullivan style) and are beginning to notice

Honesty is important here – even bad commentary is fine i.e. Zune on Diggnation – best ad they could have paid for, alex’s rand. All about trust w/the host or program

TV will converge w/video at some point
The volume of this very specialized material is huge because it is so specialized – just need to find ads to that specific area.

Major networks will be drawn in at some point when the money is there.
Major nets are chasing weird things sometimes though – cell phone video (nobody uses)

What do the big networks have to do to get into this space?
These little ppl know these things
agility is an issue – big co’s can move as quickly
feedback response is tough for large, they can’t respond quickly enough to make a better product

At some point the big networks will begin to aquire these little ones – What will they do w/it? Do smalls want that? Does it make sense for a smaller co to go w/the big co’s?

The gatekeepers will buy up the smaller co’s, but there will always be other’s to take their place.

Content discovery does become an issue (0r IS an issue). Too much good media
Companies are trying to be a guide to all these – Digg model “my peer group knows best vs. a large co”

Set top box needed to complete the puzzle and bring web/TV video together – Wii PS3 Xbox, those platforms will be looking for exclusive deals w/content. Things are moving to that direction.

Has content been compromised by ads?
No, because of choices might create a product w/sponsors in mind. and MUST be honest about it. That trust must be there.

Will some of these specials shows start to take over the lowest “filler” shows on the big networks? Lowest in of cable net fall out and partner up. Possible – again, big nets will go to money.

What happens when the little guys have to deal w/SAG and Directors Guild etc that the big guys have to deal w/now?
Some are dealing w/it now but there are plenty of people that don’t have those connections or don’t need that. distributers vs. producers mindset
the guilds won’t hurt you from doing your biz

How do you make TV interactive?
Many ways to step away from standard TV. clickable video – DVR’s are coming w/this soon

DVR’s break standard TV now when looking at scheduling etc. At what point do these things come together? You pick what you want to watch and when you want to watch it? It doesn’t matter when it is on or what channel it is on.