Bullet Tooth Web Design: Plan Your Web Site like Pulling off a Robbery

Monday, March 12th @ 3:30 pm

Andy Clarke Stuff and Nonsense Ltd
Jason Santa Maria Creative Dir, Happy Cog Studios

Website design may or may not be a crime, but it must be organized!
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smash and grab, quick job, daylight robbery

many people competing for these jobs and not a whole lot of money invloved

more elaborate planning – draw someone else into your confidence, slight of hand, hustle con
chose your mark carefully – make sure what you do is satisfying their motivation
enter into a job not knowing how to pull it off – more process and planning involved

the big job everyone wants – the one everyone remembers you by
you’ll be remembered by the ppl you rob, but by your peers as well
need a large team – much more planning

Do your homework!
know everything (structure, but also everyone involved)
have to know who’s going to ask the questions from the top to the bottom – who are the heros?

scenario based training – mock-ups, prototypes

Put together a Crew
people who have special skills in different areas – can’t pull off this job on your own.

Plan for everything
need a place to meet and discuss details of the plan
might want to organize the job down to the minute and documented
basecamp is a good tool to “plan a robbery”

Pulling off the Job
things come at you from all directions and you need to be prepared (at the end)
why do they call him the bullet the dodger? you need to be able to find ways to attack the problems – may have to ditch the client

The Payoff
at the end of the day, you’re doing it all for the payoff

No Loose Ends
make sure there are no loose ends for people to follow

Make sure it’s bullet proof.

No one right way to do a web design (or robbery)

Everything together = Snatch + Sting + Heist